5 Merchant Technology Trends That Will Change the Future

As another year is going to end we are looking forward to considering some of the key merchant technology trends that will impact online shopping in the future. New technology, consumer demands, and shift from desktop to mobile devices will continue to impact the internet retail market.
If you are starting your new online business or doing it for years then make sure you are aware of these five key technology trends that are going to impact the online shopping industry for the future; you can also hire merchant services in Ireland for better performance.

Mobile is the Boss

Nowadays, mobile users are increasing rapidly; in only the US, 125 million consumers are using smartphones. For your information, 62% of smartphone users made an online purchase with their mobile device within the last six months.
According to eCommerce global trends, mobile devices would become the prime source of technology for discovering, researching, and purchasing goods or services. The online store’s ability to rank in Google is impacted by mobile optimization.
Also, your consumers expect your site must be mobile optimized. Things to consider, around 40% of mobile users look for competitors when they get a bad mobile experience.

Mobile Apps and eWallet Technology

With mobile optimization, you need integrated mobile wallet functionality. Also, you should launch a mobile app. As there are numerous consumers to shop online, they also understand the benefits and security of using a mobile wallet. This makes your mobile customers use mobile wallet for purchasing. This also helps you increase sales and boost your conversion rate.
Shopping with a mobile app is more convenient as it provides a much better environment to market with. Users tend to spend more time browsing on the mobile app with this you will have more opportunities for marketing, sales, and conversions. Look for merchant services to help you out.

Subscription Services

Although subscription services are not new as it has already impacted the eCommerce industry, for example, Amazon Prime and Netflix and this indicates that personalized subscription services are going to emerge as game-changer. From fashion to grooming and even homemade meals — subscription services are becoming a trend in the digital retail industry.

Product Customization and Personalized Recommendations

Product customization enhances from recommended items to personalized offerings. Customizing products is an important component of subscription-based services.
This is going to grow as one of the leading eCommerce technology trends. Just because it is easy for consumers to use, calls for hassle-free shopping, and also meets the demanding needs of modern clients.
Automation has changed the way products and services are customized. For example, Spotify provides a weekly recommended playlist that is based on the user’s interest. Merchant services Ireland provides you with the best trends.

Product Visualization, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality

Product visualization is the biggest global trends; it has evolved from small images to multiple images with the ability to zoom, customer-uploaded images, etc. Along with this, the latest technological advances in 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality are going to change the way products are visualized.
One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that it is hard to imagine how a product will look in your home or office, or how the outfit is going to look on you. The future of product visualization is working and upgrading to bridge this gap.

Get Ready For Future

Future has more exciting things for the eCommerce industry. Mobile platforms are the future; subscription services are gaining a larger percentage. The way products are showcased is also going to take a major leap forward; look for merchant services to be ready.

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