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The Benefits of Card Machines for Small Businesses

With more and more small businesses adopting the cashless payment methodology, the question of whether or not your business should stick to the traditional payment methods is losing its value.


How to Take Card Payments

Businesses worldwide are turning cashless, and your businesses don’t ride the tide and begin accepting cards. It won’t be long before you would start losing your valuable customers to your


How To Accept Card Payments Over the Phone?

With hard cash disappearing from our transactions, thanks to COVID and changing consumer behavior, more and more businesses are inclining towards accepting credit card payments online. As we speak, an


How to accept card payments for your business

Small companies may take credit card payments using a smartphone app by utilizing an online merchant gateway like New Payment Innovation, by setting up a POS system with a merchant


Why your business needs to look at Data?

We live in a data-driven environment where Big Data and analytics are at the top of every business’s agenda. It is estimated that 40 zettabytes of Data will be generated


Should your business consider going cashless?

Cashless transactions are growing at a rapid rate, with cashless transactions overtaking cash transactions for the first time in 2018. Customer convenience and increased adoption of cashless technology across retail


The cost of dealing in cash

For decades, analysts have been predicting the advent of the cashless society, but like flying cars and time-travel, that future never seemed to get here – until now. Between credit