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supporting your career journey

As an industry subject to compliance, the training also provides you with the means to understand your obligations in an engaging and easy to understand way. Our material gives you a detailed insight into our products and services, as well as the approach needed when selling them to customers, handling objections and managing new business from the opportunity through to delivery.

New Payment Innovation’s training team is there to support your career development. They help you capitalize on the growing payments opportunity, by providing comprehensive face to face and online training material, which will support you with your venture into the payments industry.




The eLearning modules will give you a background on the industry, our products and services.

Face to face training. This provides you with all the tools you need to win business all delivered in an engaging and easy-to-digest style by our payment experts.

Starting your journey with NPI

On graduation from the academy, you’ll be supported by your all round Expert Account Manager Peader! Assisting you to put into practice all that you have learned and provide you with the marketing material to help you develop your pipeline.

Your Account Manager and the Customer Service Team are always at the end of the phone or email to help you.

The NPI training events will take those that are new to payments and give them all they need to develop and win new card payments opportunities.

If you are a new reseller or an existing reseller that has additional people that would like to be trained, then please register for one of our training events on the date of your choice.

Please contact us to discuss possible training dates and venues. Although we try our best to accommodate everyone we may not always be in a position to give your preferred date if as spots fill fast. If your date is not available we will contact you to arrange the next best alternative.

Off-site training available!

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