Take advantage of greater flexibility

Payment Gateway Integration

At New Payment Innovation we strive to maintain responsible business practices and improve the economic performance of our Irish business partners. strive to do our part for the environment to prevent climate change and social impact. 

Take advantage of greater flexibility

The beauty about the New Payment Innovation API is that it enables payment functionality to be integrated into any application, not just a website. With the growth of mobile applications that incorporate payment functionality, the API provides the ability for payments to be taken in any environment. If you have a desire to take a card payment within any application without limitations, then the API is the option for you.


The API option is for those who want to take advantage of greater flexibility and are happy to assume greater responsibility when processing customer payments.

You would typically take the card information over your website or application and then submit a secure request to the New Payment Innovation infrastructure using SSL. With New Payment Innovation value added capability, including services such as tokenisation, even those who opt for API integration don’t have to worry about storing card information and extending your obligations under PCI DSS.

New Payment Innovation provides a comprehensive Developer Centre website for you to review the options when integrating by API.

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