a receptionist taking over the phone payment

The Benefits of Taking Over-the-Phone Payments

The benefits of taking over-the-phone payments cannot be overstated. This kind of virtual payment can help businesses attract new customers, increase revenue and track sales data. Integrating over-the-phone payments into

the evolution of credit card machines

The Evolution of Credit Card Machines

The evolution of credit, credit cards, and credit card machines is an interesting one, and it stands as a beacon of technological progress. From their inception to the present, these

a man uses business tech to take contactless payments at a cafe

Business Technology: What You Need to Know

There’s no doubt about it – technology is cemented into nearly every aspect of daily life. Communication, entertainment, education – all these more or less rely on technology in 2023.

pci compliance is an important part of merchant services. pci dss compliant

What is PCI Compliance?

“PCI compliance” may initially sound like a jumble of intimidating jargon, but it holds the key to the trust and security of payment card data. The Payment Card Industry Data

pos vs epos, what's the difference?

POS vs EPOS: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to POS vs EPOS, how do you know which is right for your business? And exactly what’s the difference between POS and EPOS, anyway? Choosing the right

payment trends 2023 in Ireland are all about simple, safe payments

Ireland Payment Trends 2023

Payment trends 2023 have some surprises in store for business owners in Ireland. With the release of new data from the Central Bank of Ireland, there are more insights into

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