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Online Payment Systems to Help Your Business Grow

Our online payment solutions are easy to integrate, easy to use and full of great features allowing you to revolutionise your eCommerce payments functionality. Transform your online operations, enhance your acceptance levels and drive conversion with our gateway capability with extensive developer resources. 

 Start today to accept payments from customers worldwide and grow your business hassle-free.

Online payment methods include QR codes, forms, and more

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We make taking online payments simple, streamlined, and convenient. Choose the options that work for you and your customers with QR codes, payment links, API integration and branded checkout pages. 

Online payment systems solutions built for your industry

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  • Convenient online booking
  • Efficient financial tracking
  • Improved client retention
  • Enhanced security measures


  • Streamlined shopping experience
  • High transaction acceptance levels
  • Sales trends tracking
  • Boosted customer loyalty


  • Seamless booking process
  • Effortless sales management
  • Secure reservations and deposits
  • Contactless check-ins
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Accept Payments Online

Today, 60% of retail transactions occur online. NPI provides secure and flexible online payment solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. Our services ensure safe and efficient online shopping, delivering fast transaction processing and high acceptance levels. We offer a range of options, from easy-to-use hosted forms for simple online payments to fully integrated solutions.

We also provide enhanced features like payment scheduling, recurring payment support and payment link generation 

Start Taking Online Payments

We offer a wide variety of plugins and add-ons that facilitate integration with the most popular technologies on the market.

We provide a range of libraries to help you to integrate with our payment gateway. Choose simple server-side classes in many popular programming languages or client-side scripts for integration of the Hosted Payment Page or Hosted Payment Fields.

Through direct integration, your merchant’s secure website collects user details and credit card information. This data is sent to the NPI gateway for necessary fraud checks and security validation. After clearing the payment with the acquiring bank, NPI sends a response back to your merchant’s website, which then provides a formatted response to the customer.

More ways to integrate:

Our hosted integration streamlines payment processing for your e-commerce business through our secure payment pages (HPP). This approach redirects customers to our payment page, where their payment details are processed. They are then redirected back to your website, enabling seamless integration with our gateway without the necessity of collecting or storing cardholder data.

Developer Centre

Discover the New Payment Innovation Developer Centre, your gateway to New Payment Innovation’s integration resources. This resource-rich platform offers access to code samples, test requests, responses, and test card information, providing developers with efficient tools to connect with and enhance our payment processing service. Click the button below to visit the Developer Centre.

Our Offerings

Card Machines

Find the perfect payment terminal to suit your business needs.

Online Payments

Take payments through your online shop with our easy-to-integrate payment gateway.

EPOS Systems

Manage inventory, appointments, sales data and more while you take secure payments.

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments over email or telephone through our easy-to-use virtual terminals.

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NPI offers tailored solutions to streamline your payment processes, providing convenience for you and your customers.

NPI serves a wide range of industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and e-commerce.

Yes, NPI’s payment solutions are designed for seamless integration, and our support team is ready to assist throughout the setup process.

We implement rigorous security measures, including encryption and fraud protection, to safeguard both your business and your customers.

NPI supports major credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets, offering your customers flexibility in their payment options.

Yes, NPI provides options for establishing recurring payments and subscription services.

NPI provides robust reporting tools that offer insights into your transaction history and customer behavior.

NPI’s solutions are versatile and adaptable, suitable for integration into various website platforms.

Online payments refer to the process of making financial transactions via the internet. They enable individuals and businesses to pay for products, services, or transfer funds electronically, offering convenience and security for various financial transactions.

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