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From Ireland, for Ireland

NPI is more than just merchant services – we’re merchant services for Ireland. To prove it, we’ve joined Guaranteed Irish, one of the most enduring and recognisable symbols in the country.
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And we’re in great company. Over 2000 #SuperBrands are supported by Guaranteed Irish, making it easy for consumers to identify companies they can be proud to support – companies that create quality jobs, contribute to local communities, and are #AllTogetherBetter choices for Ireland.

New Payment Innovations is proud to be the only Guaranteed Irish merchant service provider in Ireland, and we’re ready to help small businesses in our community with their payment processing needs.

Our Offerings

Card Machines

Find the perfect payment terminal to suit your business needs.

Online Payments

Take payments through your online shop with our easy-to-integrate payment gateway.

EPOS Systems

Manage inventory, appointments, sales data and more while you take secure payments.

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments over email or telephone through our easy-to-use virtual terminals.

Guaranteed Irish Merchant Services

Let’s join forces for better business.

Guaranteed Irish: FAQs

What is Guaranteed Irish, and why is it important?

Guaranteed Irish is a national symbol of trust and provenance that represents businesses committed to supporting local communities. It’s important because it signifies that products and services bearing the logo are of high quality and support the Irish economy.

Yes, NPI proudly holds membership in Guaranteed Irish, demonstrating our commitment to supporting Irish businesses and contributing to the local economy.

NPI customers can trust that they are partnering with a company dedicated to local economic growth and high-quality service. It reflects our values and commitment to excellence.

Merchants partnering with NPI benefit from our Guaranteed Irish membership by aligning themselves with a reputable organisation dedicated to supporting local businesses.

Our pricing and services remain competitive and designed to meet the unique needs of each merchant. Being Guaranteed Irish primarily reflects our values and commitment to local communities.

Customers can look for the Guaranteed Irish logo on the businesses’ websites, storefronts, or promotional materials to identify them as part of this trusted network.

Yes, NPI is actively engaged in supporting various local initiatives and community programs, reinforcing our dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Guaranteed Irish shares our commitment to excellence, community support, and the promotion of Irish businesses. It aligns seamlessly with NPI’s mission to provide top-tier merchant services while contributing positively to our local economy.

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