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Why Multiple Payment Methods?

Effective payment methods can be a game-changer for your business’s growth. At New Payment Innovation, we’re passionate about helping business owners like you leverage our payment method ecosystem to bring convenience to your customers and additional revenue to your business. 

The importance of accepting multiple payment methods

Accessing multiple payment methods is essential for any business to simplify transactions and cater to a wider customer base. However, there are a few other reasons to offer multiple payment methods: 

Customer Satisfaction

Providing multiple payment options ensures that your customers can choose what’s most convenient for them. For example, some prefer the ease of credit card spending, while others opt for digital wallets. So, by letting your customers select what suits them best, you can improve the overall shopping experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

Security and Trust

Ensuring the security of your customers’ personal information is undeniably critical. Different payment methods come with varying security features, and your choice can influence your customers’ trust. Subsequently, the right payment method, such as safe online payments, can reassure your customers that their data is safe.

Speed and Efficiency

As a business owner, you obviously want your payments to be processed quickly and efficiently. Certain payment methods, such as credit cards and digital wallets in particular, are known for their speed, allowing you to receive funds without delay. 

Market Expansion

By offering a variety of payment methods from a trusted merchant services provider, you open doors to new markets. Seeing that customers worldwide have unique preferences, accepting the payment methods they are comfortable with can help you can tap into new customer bases.

At NPI, we understand the importance of payment diversity.
For that reason, we provide a range of payment types to cater to your business’s needs and your customers’ preferences.
Our payment methods include:

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Digital Wallets


Digital Wallets, Cards

Accept payment from one of the most widely used credit card.


Digital Wallets, Cards

Take payment from a widely recognised card issuer for increased trustworthiness in your brand.

Apple Pay

Digital Wallets, Cards

Let your customers pay with ease using a trusted digital wallet.

WeChat Pay

Digital Wallets, Cards

Find 900 million new customers who use WeChat Pay . 


Digital Wallets, Cards

Reach 1.3 billion potential customers by accepting Alipay with NPI.

Google Pay

Digital Wallets, Cards

Cater to your Android-using customers by taking payments with Google Pay.

Samsung Pay

Digital Wallets, Cards

Access thousands of shoppers in Ireland aged 25-34 with the Samsung digital wallet.

American Express

Digital Wallets, Cards

Accommodate tourists to Ireland by accepting this preferred payment method.

Choose NPI for Your Payment Needs

A person uses apple watch payment method to make a purchase
Contactless payment with NFC technology is an easy payment method.

The NPI payment methods ecosystem is a holistic approach to payments that meets your customers where they are – no matter how they pay. 

By choosing NPI, you’re choosing versatile services, ultra-secure transactions, and the payment methods your customers demand. 

Ready to explore the world of payment methods with us?
A QR code is used as a payment method
credit and debit cards are a popular payment method

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Our Offerings

Card Machines

Find the perfect payment terminal to suit your business needs.

Online Payments

Take payments through your online shop with our easy-to-integrate payment gateway.

EPOS Systems

Manage inventory, appointments, sales data and more while you take secure payments.

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments over email or telephone through our easy-to-use virtual terminals.

Payment Methods: FAQs

Offering multiple payment options is crucial as it caters to the diverse preferences of your customers, making it easier for them to complete purchases. This can lead to increased sales and better customer satisfaction.

Multiple payment options offer several advantages, including a better customer experience, higher conversion rates, reduced abandoned carts, increased customer loyalty, enhanced brand trust, and the ability to attract new customers.

A better customer experience is achieved by integrating popular payment methods that align with your customers’ preferences, making the checkout process smoother and more convenient.

Our payment solutions streamline transactions, reduce waiting times, and provide detailed analytics. Overall, offering multiple options to customers helps you improve customer service and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.

Customers are more likely to return to your online shop when they know you offer their preferred payment method, creating a sense of convenience and trust.

Offering multiple payment methods helps your customers feel comfortable making purchases, no matter how they prefer to pay. It’s important to realise that having choices facilitates loyalty.

Yes, we prioritize security. Our payment solutions are PCI DSS compliant and equipped with encryption technology to safeguard customer data, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Yes, offering multiple payment options is crucial for international businesses as payment preferences vary from country to country. By accommodating these differences, you can attract new customers.

  • Not offering enough payment methods can result in lost customers and revenue, as it’s one of the main reasons for abandoned shopping carts. E-commerce businesses lose billions in sales revenue each year due to this.

Yes, we are the first merchant service provider in Ireland to offer WeChat Pay and Alipay as accepted payment methods. 

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