NPI Partnership Program

The NPI Partnership Program is about entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs, creating an dynamic environment that celebrates and rewards outstanding performance.

Our commitment to driving success for our Partners at every step is part of the reason we have grown by over 300% in the past year.

About Us

New Payment Innovation (NPI) is a leading Irish provider of payment services offering a range of face-to-face, online, over-the-phone, and fully-integrated EPOS payment solutions.

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NPI Wall of Fame

Get to know us – Meet the team!
Account manager for NPI Partnership Program
Peadar Hennessy

Account Manager

Peadar Hennessy is our Partner Manager and serves as the primary business contact for all our NPI Partners. Peadar has been with NPI for over 5 years, combining top-class sales experience with a dedicated and focused commitment to the success of our Partners.

General manager of NPI and NPI Partnership Program
Mike Moore

General Manager

Mike Moore is our General Manager at NPI. Mike joined NPI in 2019 and since then has been at the forefront of our rapid growth. With a background in commercial management, Mike helps to shape a culture of innovation, collaboration and excellence throughout NPI.

lead sales partner for NPI Partnership Program
Jonathan O’Connor

Strategic Partner

Jonathan O’Connor is an entrepreneurial sales leader and Master Partner with NPI. Since joining as a Partner, Jonathan has onboarded hundreds of clients and continues to grow a successful client base. Having previously left the industry to work in the Real Estate market, Jonathan returned to Merchant Services due to the exciting and lucrative opportunities that are available through NPI Partnerships.

Recruiter for NPI Partnership Program
Sean McCarthy

Recruiter Manager

Sean McCarthy is the NPI recruitment manager. With a passion for technology and innovation, Sean has worked with some of the largest tech companies and consultancies in the world. Sean now leads the NPI Partner Program recruitment and is helping us build a network of amazing Sales Partners across the country.

What can you expect from the NPI Sales Partnership Program?

The NPI Partnership Program is more than just a sales opportunity. When you partner with us, you open the door to a world of benefits:

Strategic Symbiosis

In the NPI Partnership Program, you bring your market experience and business network; we bring the market insights and cutting-edge solutions for a win-win scenario.

Shared Success

Our program offers lucrative commission structures and performance-based incentives, ensuring that your dedication translates into substantial rewards.

Resource Empowerment

From training and marketing support to dedicated account management, we’re invested in your success every step of the way.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Working as an independent sales agent gives you a high degree of flexibility and autonomy over your schedule and approach. You choose when, where, and how you work. 

Income Stability

The NPI Partnership Program offers something you won’t find with anyone else – stable, passive income. Earn residual income from every single transaction of every single merchant you sign up. 

Abundant Growth Opportunities

Our Partners enjoy a wide range of growth opportunities. As you build your client base, expertise, and entrepreneurial network you’ll find even more avenues for growth.

Ready to take your sales journey to the next level?

Let’s redefine industry standards together.