What Is a Card Machine And How It Work 

If you are a small business owner in Ireland and you have had a plan to upgrade your services, card machines would surely be on your to-do list. The reason behind this is that card machines have become exceedingly popular among businesses in Ireland and in the rest of Europe. Because card payments are the new cool. Customers are preferring cashless payments and businesses are opting for NPI as their cashless payment merchant and it is completely worth it. According to the Central Bank of Ireland, Card payments accounted for 64% of the total number of all payments in Ireland in the year 2020, which marks a mammoth 79% increase from what it was in 2016.  

If you’re in charge of accounting at your company, it’s important to know the ins and outs of card machines if you want to ensure that your company’s finances are being managed correctly. Here’s a guide to help you understand card machines, the services they provide, and how they operate in the real world. 

What Is A Card Machine?

A card machine also called a point of sale (POS) terminal, is a device used to process customer payments. Card machines are usually connected to an electrical outlet and communicate with a bank or credit card processor through a phone line or Internet connection. In order to process a payment, the customer’s credit or debit card is swiped through the card reader, which processes the information on the card’s magnetic stripe. The terminal then sends this information to the processor, who verifies that the account is valid and that there are sufficient funds available. Once the transaction is approved, the funds are transferred from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account and a receipt is printed. 

How Card Machines Work

A card machine also called a point of sale (POS) terminal, is a device that facilitates businesses to accept payments by debit or credit card. Card machines are connected to an acquiring bank, which processes the transactions and deposits the funds into the merchant’s account. To use a card machine, customers insert or swipe their card and enter their PIN number. The machine then communicates with the acquiring bank to approve the transaction. Once approved, the customer signs the receipt, and the funds are deposited into the merchant’s account, typically within two to three business days. 

The Different Types of Card Machines

A card machine is a device that allows businesses to process credit and debit card payments. There are many different types of card machines, each with its own features and benefits.  

  • The most common type of card machine is the point-of-sale (POS) terminal, which can be used to process in-person transactions.  
  • Other types of card machines include mobile terminals, which can be used to process payments on the go, and e-Commerce terminals, which are used to process online payments.  

Each type of card machine has its own set of features and benefits, so it’s important to choose the right one for your business. 

How to Find the Best Card Machine for Your Small Business

If you’re looking for a card machine for your small business, there are a few things to keep in mind.  

  • First, you’ll want to make sure that the machine accepts the type of cards that your customers use.  
  • You’ll also want to ponder the fees associated with using the machine.  
  • Some machines have higher transaction fees than others, so it’s important to compare rates before making a decision.  
  • Finally, you’ll want to think about the customer service that’s available from the company that provides the machine.  
  • The best companies will offer 24/7 support in case you have any questions or problems.  

Our suggestion is NPI, which happens to be the first and only Irish card machine provider company that has all the ticks mentioned above. 


A card machine, also known as a point of sale (POS) terminal, is a device that enables businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards. The machine reads the information on the card and processes the transaction through an attached computer or telephone line. Card machines are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a fast and convenient way for businesses to accept payments. Businesses from all over Ireland are choosing NPI as their card machine company and you know why. If you want to customize your customer service for good, the time is now! 

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