Benefits of Offering Contactless Payment Solutions for Restaurants

Contactless payment solutions for restaurants have a lot to offer. To begin with, when customers visit your restaurant, they shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than what their next meal will be. That’s why accepting contactless payments, like Apple Pay and Android Pay, can give them the peace of mind that they need to fully enjoy their dining experience. Not to mention, it’ll help you improve table turnover and sell more food.

According to figures published by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI), the number of contactless payments in Ireland increased by 63% year on year to €199 million in Q2 2021, with the value rising to almost €3.1 billion. This is the highest quarterly volume and value since BPFI started collecting this data in 2016. Consequently, contactless payment solutions for restaurants have never been more important.

Whether you’re looking to improve the customer experience or just want to get ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile payments, implementing contactless payment solutions for restaurants from NPI can help you achieve those goals and much more! 

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What Is A Contactless Payment?

Contactless payment is a modern method of making secure and convenient transactions using digital wallets or contactless-enabled cards. It relies on near-field communication (NFC) technology to transmit data wirelessly between two devices, like a smartphone and a payment terminal. When you tap your phone on a contactless payment terminal, it sends your payment information to the terminal so you can complete your transaction.

The surge in the significance of contactless payments, particularly in payment solutions for restaurants, is highlighted by Philip Konopik, Ireland country manager at Visa Europe in an recent interview. He noted, “The popularity of contactless payments in Ireland continues to soar, with over 25 million transactions with Visa debit cards made in six months.”

The Benefits of Contactless Payment Solutions for Restaurants

1. Save Time on the Payment Process


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of contactless payments is that they save time. With traditional methods, customers have to fumble around with cash or wait for their card to be processed. With contactless payments, however, the process is much more streamlined.

Quick contactless payment solutions for restaurants are exceptionally helpful in increasing table turnover and bringing in more customers. 

2. Better Customer Experience

In today’s digital world, customers expect to be able to pay for their purchases quickly and easily. By offering contactless payments, you can give your customers the convenience they crave and the speedy service they expect. Plus, contactless payment solutions for restaurants are more secure than traditional methods, so you can rest assured that your customer’s information is safe. 

3. Employee and Customer Safety

Another notable benefit of offering contactless payment solutions for your restaurant is the safety of your employees and customers. With contactless payments, no one has to handle cash or credit cards, which reduces the risk of being exposed to germs and bacteria. Additionally, contactless payments are more secure than traditional methods, so you can rest assured that sensitive personal information is safe.

4. Compliance with Health Concerns

In recent months, one of the top concerns for customers when deciding where to dine out has been health and safety. In order to help ease these fears, many restaurants have implemented contactless payments. This means that customers can pay without ever having to hand their credit card to a server. This not only helps customers feel safer but also helps restaurants comply with health guidelines.

New Payment Innovation’s Approach to Merchant Services

NPI’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity means we’re not just another payment provider – we’re your partner on the path to seamless payments – and success. Whether you’re a business looking for diverse payment methods, integration with your existing systems, or real-time insights, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how we do merchant services:  

Face to Face 

For businesses that rely on the stability and familiarity of traditional card transactions, NPI offers seamless wired payment options. These methods ensure that you can accept payments securely through trusted and established channels.   

In an era where speed and convenience are paramount, NPI embraces wireless technology for your face-to-face transactions. Our wireless solutions, including contactless payments, enable quick and secure transactions. Customers can simply tap their cards or mobile devices for swift and hassle-free payments, whether they’re shopping in a store or at a vendor’s stall.  

Recognizing the growing importance of mobile payments, NPI empowers businesses to tap into the mobile-centric world. With our support for mobile transactions, you can offer customers the flexibility to pay with their smartphones and digital wallets, making the payment process both efficient and user-friendly.  


NPI understands the importance of streamlining safe online payments for businesses and ensuring a secure and convenient experience for customers.   

Our integrated solutions are designed to seamlessly connect with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and payment gateways. This means that whether you’re a business looking to accept payments online or a customer making a purchase, the process is straightforward and secure.  

For businesses, NPI’s integration with e-commerce platforms allows for a hassle-free setup, enabling you to accept payments on your website or digital storefront. Our system effortlessly manages the flow of transactions, ensuring a smooth experience for your customers.  

Over the Phone 

Our virtual terminals are at the heart of over-the-phone payments. Notably they provide a secure platform where businesses can process transactions remotely. This is especially useful for businesses that offer services or sell products over the phone, through catalogs, or via email. By using virtual terminals, you can efficiently handle card transactions from anywhere, thereby enhancing convenience and accessibility for your customers.  

Furthermore, security is paramount in over-the-phone transactions, and NPI takes this responsibility seriously. Our systems are designed to ensure the utmost security for both businesses and customers. Card data is handled with care, and our virtual terminals adhere to industry standards for secure payments.  

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