How to Take Card Payments

Businesses worldwide are turning cashless, and your businesses don’t ride the tide and begin accepting cards. It won’t be long before you would start losing your valuable customers to your ‘obsolete’ payment methods.

According to the Federal Reserves of the Bank of San Francisco, the total cash payments made in the year reduced massive 7% to 19% compared to the previous year with 26%. The same research shows an enormous increase in the payments made by debit and credit cards and shows that around 55% of total payments made that year were over the card.

So, what does this mean to your business? It means that having a reliable card payment method is an essential prerequisite to a successful business. We are all to provide you with the best card payment machine to take care of all your in-store and online transactions.

Are we saying that you will need to invest a huge sum of your revenue with endless payment transaction charges and card processing systems? Absolutely Not!

While all other European card payment providers are charging 2-3% of all your in-store and online transactions, this Irish payment provider is revolutionizing the industry by offering exceptionally low rates starting from an unbelievable 0.3% per transaction. Isn’t it the perfect win-win situation for your business? 

This guide will examine what NPI is, how much it costs, and why you should choose it as your best cash payment provider. 

What is NPI?

NPI is the first Irish cash payment service provider that is entirely cloud-based and is licensed to receive payments from over 25 payment methods, including UnionPay, Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. With over 1500 national and international businesses and brands across Ireland and overseas, NPI has been proud to contribute to creating quality jobs in the local Irish community whereby creating an Irish identity.

Being the best choice for Irish communities, NPI has been a symbol of Irish identity providing the most reliable payment products and services across Europe. Backed by strong technical expertise and state-of-the-art payment solutions, NPI has been in the business for years, proving to be the best payment provider to businesses, banks, and financial institutions.

The Benefits of Using NPI:

Their application process takes less time than your lunch. Sign up for a call with a sales expert, and your payment method application will be on a roll within the next 15 minutes. Their onboarding process offers incredibly low rates, from 0.3% per transaction and rental fees from only €9.99 per month.

Soon as your payment method application gets approved, your terminal will be sent in the mail, and your business is all set to skyrocket!

Our payment methods make your life easier by enabling your business to receive payments both online and in physical stores.

Unlike many other payment providers out there, NPI offers next-day settlements, where funds are available in the business’s NPI account the next working day and can be forwarded to any bank account in the UK.

Accept mobile payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay & Alipay.

How to Sign Up with NPI for 0.3% Acceptance Fees?

With a quick and easy signup process and very minimal fees per transaction, NPI has successfully created a seamless onboarding process that attracts super brands and businesses across Europe. Whether you are running a retail business or heading a restaurant and are looking for a competitive solution for your card payments, NPI is the way to go.

To get your business register with NPI for seamless card payments, you will need to:

1.)  Sign up for your NPI account, then order an NPI wireless or wired countertop card machine as per your requirement.

2.) Apply for payment gateway activation for your online cash payments and card terminals for in-store payment solutions.

3.) Your business will be good to start accepting payments within the next few hours.

To ensure utmost customer satisfaction and to provide uninterrupted payment solutions service, NPI delivers 24/7 customer support to its valuable customers to address all questions/queries.


Your search for a reliable, innovative, and affordable payment solution for your business ends with NPI. Whether you are looking for in-store payment online terminals for your customers in Ireland or online payment gateways for all your transactions across Europe, NPI offers the most incredibly low fees per transaction. Step up your business’ payment game and let the effective payment solutions at NPI help your business beat the competition.

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