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Portable card machines are payment terminals you can take anywhere. Unlike wired terminals that are meant to stay stationary, portable card readers can be brought anywhere that payments are made.

At New Payment Innovation, we specialise in payment solutions that make doing business a breeze. Our portable card machines are designed specifically for businesses in Ireland – that’s why we’re Guaranteed Irish.

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What are Portable Card Machines?

A portable card machine, also known as a portable card reader or terminal, is a compact electronic device for processing card payments on the go. Unlike traditional wired card terminals that have a fixed location, portable card machines offer businesses the flexibility to accept card payments anywhere, providing a mobile and versatile solution.

These devices are equipped with wireless connectivity options such as 4G or WiFi, allowing them to connect to a network without needing physical cables. Portable card machines typically have a card slot for inserting credit or debit cards and include contactless payment capabilities, enabling customers to make transactions by simply tapping their contactless cards or mobile devices.

Benefits of Using Portable Card Machines

Integrating portable card machines into your business operations can offer a range of benefits that contribute to enhanced efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and expanded business opportunities. Here are a few compelling reasons why your business should consider using portable card machines:

Flexibility and Mobility

Portable card machines allow your business to accept card payments anywhere, providing flexibility in where and how you conduct transactions. This is particularly valuable for businesses that operate in diverse locations, such as outdoor events, markets, or service calls.

Enhanced Customer Convenience

Offering the convenience of card payments, especially when customers may not have cash on hand, can increase sales and customer satisfaction. It caters to the growing number of consumers who prefer electronic payment methods.

Expand Business Reach

With portable card machines, you can extend your business beyond a physical storefront. Whether you’re a mobile vendor, a service provider on the move, or participating in events, these devices enable you to reach customers in various settings, potentially increasing your customer base.

Quick and Secure Transactions

Portable card machines facilitate fast and secure transactions. The ability to process payments on the spot reduces customer wait times and enhances your business operations’ overall efficiency.

Professional Image

Embracing modern payment solutions like portable card machines conveys a professional image for your business. It instils confidence in customers when they see that you offer up-to-date and convenient payment options.

Reduced Cash Handling

Accepting card payments reduces the need for cash handling, minimising the risk of errors or security concerns associated with handling physical currency. This is particularly relevant for businesses that operate in environments where cash handling may be impractical or less secure.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

Portable card machines from NPI come with features for easy record-keeping and transaction tracking. this simplifies the reconciliation process, making it more efficient for accounting and business management.

Competitive Advantage

Offering the convenience of portable card payments can give your business a competitive edge. Ir aligns with customer expectations and positions your business as modern and customer-focused in comparison to competitors who may rely solely on payment methods.

Save Time

Using a portable card machine to take payments can save you a lot of time for other business operations. Contactless card payments with these machines are fast. But what’s more is the ability to take the card reader to the customer, whether they’re at the table at your restaurant, in the chair at your salon, or in the waiting room at your clinic. Fewer queues, less fuss.

New Payment Innovation’s Approach to Merchant Services

NPI’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity means we’re not just another payment provider – we’re the best merchant service provider in Ireland. Whether you’re a business looking for diverse payment methods, integration with your existing systems, or real-time insights, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how we do merchant services:

Face to Face

For businesses that rely on the stability and familiarity of traditional card transactions, NPI offers seamless card reader options, including wired, wireless, and mobile. These methods ensure that you can accept payments securely through trusted and established channels.

In an era where speed and convenience are paramount, NPI embraces advanced technology for your face-to-face transactions. Our solutions, including contactless payments, enable quick and secure transactions. Customers can simply tap their cards or mobile devices for swift and hassle-free payments, whether they’re shopping in a store or at a vendor’s stall.

Recognising the growing importance of mobile payments, NPI empowers businesses to tap into the mobile-centric world. With our card machines for business, you can offer customers the flexibility to pay with smartphones, digital wallets, and cards, making the payment process both efficient and user-friendly.


NPI understands the importance of streamlining safe online payments for businesses and ensuring a secure and convenient experience for customers.

Our integrated solutions are designed to seamlessly connect with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and payment gateways. This means that whether you’re a business looking to accept online payment or a customer making a purchase, the process is straightforward and secure.

For businesses, NPI’s integration with e-commerce platforms allows for a hassle-free setup, enabling you to accept payments on your website or digital storefront. Our system effortlessly manages the flow of transactions, ensuring a smooth experience for your customers.

Over the Phone

Our virtual payment terminals are at the heart of over-the-phone payments. Notably, they provide a secure platform where businesses can process transactions remotely. This is especially useful for businesses that offer services or sell products over the phone, through catalogues, or via email. By using virtual terminals, you can efficiently handle card transactions from anywhere, thereby enhancing convenience and accessibility for your customers.

Furthermore, security is paramount in over-the-phone transactions, and NPI takes this responsibility seriously. Our systems are designed to ensure the utmost security for both businesses and customers. Card data is handled with care, and our virtual payment terminals adhere to industry standards for secure payments.

You can learn how to take card payments over the phone here.

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